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Monday, July 14, 2008

RIVER FUN! Want a TUBE?!!!

Hey Folks, I'M Getting Some Tubes that are 100% Non Rubber Burnin' loads Of FUN to Float on!
Like to tan down the river, LET me know, WE WILL Go and PARTY it Up with all the Rest!

Email me if you want a quote on one of these tubes cuz
I can get you one quick and these hot dayz will be out of our Minds!! ~~JameZ~~
All Tube Pro™ Vinyl Waterpark and River float tubes are manufactured with our custom heavy duty 30 gauge PVC with welded vinyl seams to complete the rugged design.
Our high quality PVC works great for a variety of water activities because it withstands UV light exposure and resists fading to increase float tube longevity.
We have single and multi-rider Waterpark tube models available.
Stock vinyl tube colors are yellow and orange.
Custom colors and printing are available based on quantity orders and with proper production and delivery lead time.

Great for those who want the traditional tube shape but a fully enclosed cover for complete protection.
This encased cover model is for the traditional river tube enthusiast, with its conventional "donut" shape cover there is no need for special drainage.
It is great to easily get out and repeat rapids and is less likely to get hung up on rocks.
This cover protects the rubber inner tube from UV light, to increase tube longevity.
The fully enclosed cover encases the inner tube creating a constant pressure environment to decrease tube deformities and create a more uniform shape.
This higher pressure will increase tube buoyancy as well.

When it comes to river tubing amenities; we have pioneered a custom product to cater for the river tubing enthusiasts.
The Tube Pro Cooler Carrier is engineered to hold a 36 qt. to 50 qt. sized cooler and float 100 lbs!
Keeping with Tube Pros commercial grade standards, the Cooler Carrier is made of robust 30 gauge PVC vinyl with a fully enclosed reinforced tube floor.
Our floating cooler was designed to be easily inflated and deflated using the recessed Boston valve.


If you want to place your order over the phone Call Jamez D at 1-503-360-4665.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

DO NOT ACCEPT any EMAILS You receive stating its ebay or paypal or a major website if it is sent to you like this: " (", " (", and so on. TWO EMAIL addresses is NOT normal OR COMMON SENSE. LORDY this is absurd and I'm sure poor unknowlingly tech people are sending products to these Scammers. FIRST is always money in hand before handing over a service. DO you Pay for you roof to be re-shingled before its done? NO

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tom Hanks AUTOGRAPHED Free Play Radio!!

Freeplay Radio

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Eestimaa Hybird... well, Estima...

This Toyota Minivan Hybrid has been in Japan forEver already and the soccer moms of America are Missing out!!! America is a TOP seller of Hybrids, WHAT IS TOYOTA DOING?!? Anyway, here is the post from Tree Hugger's Website:

Automakers have been showing off their hybrids to trumpet their environmental commitment. But not all hybrids are created equal. Hybrid technology, as used in such models as the Toyota Prius and Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Ford Escape Hybrid, has the potential to play a major role in giving consumers fuel-efficient, low-pollution options in every vehicle class. Unfortunately, with this year's introduction of vehicles such as the GMC Yukon Hybrid, Dodge Durango Hybrid, and Lexus LS 600h L, the increased automaker focus on "muscle hybrid" models undercuts the value of this technology as a part a global warming pollution, gas price, and oil security solution. This is a disturbing trend compounded by "hollow hybrid" vehicles that use the hybrid name but do not qualify as hybrid vehicles (for more on hybrid vehicle characteristics, see our Hybrid Watchdog.

This trend must change, and Toyota, the hybrid “standard bearer” is in position to change it. Since 2001 consumers in Japan have had a choice completely unavailable in the U.S. market—an efficient hybrid minivan. Toyota boasts that its Estima Hybrid minivan, recently redesigned in 2006, gets fuel economy on par with a compact car. We estimate that the Toyota Estima Hybrid could reach at least 35 miles per gallon in the U.S. This would be a significant boost over even the most fuel-efficient models available in America—the Toyota Sienna and Dodge Caravan, both rated by the EPA at 22mpg.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


THis SOOOO makes sense. I dont blog anymore, but when I do, its because it just seems so sensible to me. This Here, a Wind Turbine put across freeways ... exactly! Why only have them on open air Farms and valleys. Cities Need them also! 2500 homes per turbine! Probly, thats my Guess. Anyway, LATER Readers... those who got here accidently ;)

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bloodhound Gang Competition in da HouSE!

Tease You With My...

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